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10 more innovative (and affordable) perks employees love

If you want the best and brightest workers, your company needs to have the goods to attract (and retain) them. These companies do.

The folks at compiled a list of some of the most attractive outside-the-box perks companies are offering these days.

The problem: Most companies could only dream of offering many of the perks mentioned.

But we picked out the ones that are well within the realm of possibility:

  • The Container Store gives its drivers $5,000 if they make it 10 years without an infraction.
  • Qwiki, an online start-up, helps its employees with their commutes by buying them a bike or paying for their gas.
  • Biotech company Amgen offers employees 16 paid holidays a year.
  • American Century Investments offers to cover $10,000 worth of employees’ adoption expenses and fertility treatments per year.
  • Amgen, a biotechnology company, offers on-campus Lamaze, breastfeeding classes and lactation rooms for mothers.
  • Google reimburses moms up to $500 for takeout meals during the first three months after their children are born.
  • S.C. Johnson gives its retirees lifetime memberships to its fitness center.
  • Outfitter Patogonia gives two weeks of paid leave to employees that they can use to volunteer for a green non-profit organization.
  • Steel processor Worthington Industries offers $4 haircuts (don’t worry, they’re picking up the majority of the tab from a reputable salon, not just hiring a butcher on the cheap).
  • Genentech, another biotechnology company, sends ergonomics specialists to employees’ desks to examine their work environments and make sure they’re comfortable.
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  • MMAN

    “Google reimburses moms up to $500 for takeout meals during the first three months after their children are born.”

    Talk about gender charged behavior, while I take nothing away from helping new moms cope with their new additions to the family, but male workers could use this as well when they have children. After all, for all new dads out there, there has to be a new mother. It would help new fathers out a lot too. This should be available to all “new parents” not just “new moms”.