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10 most common employee complaints

As a general rule, happy employees don’t sue. But how is employee happiness most often destroyed?

A recent survey by HR Solutions, Inc., has the answer. Here are the top 10 complaints employees have about the companies they work for:

  1. Pay is too low.
  2. Pay isn’t fair.
  3. Benefits cost too much.
  4. Bosses “over-manage.”
  5. Pay isn’t based on merit.
  6. HR isn’t responsive enough to employee concerns.
  7. Managers play favorites.
  8. Lack of availability and communication from upper management.
  9. Departments are understaffed.
  10. The workplace is dirty and cluttered.
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  • R. B.

    This is good…thanks, Sam!

  • huh

    interesting, very similar.

  • Speaking from an HR role (item #6) It normally is not that HR is not responsive it is the response that the employee receives that they complain about. Employees don’t hear what they want to hear (in their favor) and have nobody to blame but HR because this is the department designated to inform them etc. What is it Abe Lincoln stated “you can’t please all the people all the time”!