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4 reasons to make your benefits info public

Why should you post your benefits info on the web — and not just the company’s intranet system?

Internet access allows employees’ spouses and dependents to view the info as well. The information needs to be in the hands of the benefits decision-makers, who aren’t always your employees.

Simply placing it on a company intranet system, behind a firewall, keeps information hidden from those who might be driving up the majority of your costs — employees’ families.

Three other reasons to put your employee benefits info online:

  1. Recruits and new hires will want to see it. Allowing job seekers to get familiar with your benefits package can help attract top talent. Plus, it’ll make the new hire orientation process smoother.
  2. Your info isn’t confidential. Benefits info isn’t proprietary, and it doesn’t need to be top secret. These aren’t trade secrets you’re talking about, just copays and investment options.
  3. It’s cheaper — especially if you’re still using the big book of benefits. If most of your employees use a computer, they should have electronic access to their benefits info. And if you’re still printing big employee handbooks, transferring all the info online is often the cheaper option than having a benefits encyclopedia printed all the time.

Do you think putting your benefits info on the web is a good idea? Share your opinions in the Comments Box below.

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