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5 things to do after the investigation

Once you’ve finished the legwork of investigating a harassment complaint, your job has just begun. To cover all your bases:

  1. Make sure you’re really done — Before making any decisions or conclusions, sit down and consider whether there are any questions you haven’t asked or people you haven’t talked to.
  2. Think about the credibility of each witness — Especially if different people give different stories, you need to make sure you can believe everything that’s been said.
  3. Follow up with the parties — You don’t need to tell the complainant exactly what action was taken, but telling him or her you handed out some discipline will help avoid complaints that you did nothing.
  4. Remind managers of your anti-retaliation policy — Make sure managers understand the legal ramifications of treating the complainant negatively after the investigation.
  5. Keep an eye out — Companies are at risk if they look into a harassment situation but fail to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
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  1. This such great information, that every company should use these 5 tips.

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