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5 tips to make sure your social media stays yours

What would happen if all your company’s Twitter followers left when one of your employees quit? It’s happened to the best companies — but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

Here are five tips to make sure your company’s social media accounts stay yours, courtesy of Suzanne Lucas of Moneywatch:

  • Lay it all out there. Like anything, your policy on social media ownership should be in writing. Make any staffers who will be accessing and using the account sign a document stating that the account is owned by the company. Also explain what happens to the account when an employee leaves or is fired.
  • Prohibit personal info. It almost goes without saying, but make it clear that it’s all business, all the time on company social media accounts.
  • Put it in the job description. Accessing and using the company’s Facebook or Twitter won’t be employee-specific — in other words, no matter who has a specific job, he or she will be using social media. Since that’s the case, put it in the job description.
  • Make staff use new accounts. This one’s easy. Bob or Sue may already have a Twitter account, but always make them either start a new one or take over an existing one already owned by the company. That will eliminate any questions of who owns which followers or “likes.”
  • Keep the password yourself. The email associated with a social media account should be a company email, and someone higher up in the company should maintain the password. When an employee quits or leaves, change the password ASAP.
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