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64.3% of HR pros not ‘fully confident’ they comply with regs

A small survey of HR professionals has revealed some disturbing things.

First and foremost, only 35.7% of participants in the survey said they’re “fully confident” they comply with federal regulations.

The data comes from a survey of 71 Human Resources pros by Corporate Synergies, an employee benefits broker and consulting firm, at the company’s June HR forum.

Granted, that’s not a large sampling of HR representatives, but the response was troubling nonetheless.

In addition, only another 25.7% of respondents said they’re “fairly confident” they are in compliance.

So for those keeping score at home that means just over six in 10 HR pros are confident they’re complying with federal regs.

Meanwhile, 8.6% said they were “unsure” whether or not they were in compliance.

It is a priority

The good news however, is that an overwhelming majority of the HR pros surveyed said compliance was at the very least important to them.

In fact,71.8% admitted being compliant was “extremely important” to them. And in total, 94.3% said it was at least “important.”

Just one of the participants said he or she’d “never checked” to see whether or not his or her company was in compliance.

Employers that have doubts about their compliance should consider doing an in-house audit to see where potential problem areas are.

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