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Are you a leader or a manager? This checklist will tell you

Managers and leaders are not one and the same. Just because you’re a manager, it doesn’t mean you’re a leader — but it also doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Here’s how to tell exactly where you are right now. 

We all want to be leaders. But we’ve got to work at it.

First, however, you’ve got to find out how far away you are from being a leader — and what it is you need to work on.

This handy chart, compiled by the leader in management training, will tell you where you stand.

It outlines the 17 traits that separate leaders from managers. Check off which side of the chart you’re on to find out if you’re more leader than manager.

Not sure which side you fall on? Ask a trusted colleague — someone who works closely with you.

This chart can also serve as a handy reference for your company’s department managers, who are leading the employees you helped bring to the company.



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