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Dan Wisniewski

Dan began his writing career both as a reporter and features editor for The Hawk at St. Joseph’s University and an intern and writer for the university’s Communications Department.
In the fall of 2008, Dan joined Progressive Business Publications (the parent company of PBP Media and HR Morning), and took on the task of covering human resources. Currently the editor-in-chief of semimonthly paper newsletter “What’s Working in Human Resources” and its companion website, Dan also serves as contributor to HRMorning and has written white papers and toolkits on HR as well. Dan received his bachelor’s degrees in both English and psychology from SJU, and recently earned his master’s degree in journalism from Temple University.
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The year’s 25 strangest interview questions

Some companies love throwing curveball questions to candidates during interviews — and these are the weirdest ones we’ve ever seen.  

The firing checklist every HR pro should use

Firing staff members is stressful – which is why so many HR pros sometimes hurry the process along to get it over with. But that’s a big mistake.

This manager’s actions were definitely inappropriate — but were they harassment?

A male manager put his arm on a staffer’s shoulder and leg. Was that enough to sway a court to call it sex harassment? 

Deaf employee complained about interpreters, then fired: Was firm at fault?

When this deaf employee raised concerns about his accommodation, he was fired. But his behavior before he complained was what stood out to a court. 

Troubling trend: Firms completely ditching HR

Some employers are getting rid of their HR departments and trying to find new ways to handle hiring, firing and more. Does it actually make sense?

The 5 ways HR pros use technology in the hiring process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Don’t be afraid: Technology is here to make finding new candidates easier.

The latest ADA-covered activities: golf and sex

At this point, you should just assume that almost every life activity is covered under disability law, as this new case shows.  

Alcoholism and the ADA: Not as clear-cut as you think

When an employee struggles with alcoholism, does he qualify as disabled? 

Telecommuting: What is and isn’t working [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret telecommuting and working from home have become more common. Here’s the lowdown on just how they fit into the modern workplace.  

Is banning dreadlocks race bias?

A new case raises some interesting questions about grooming policies and religious accommodations.