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When employees make assumptions about documents

We’re guessing documentation is one of your favorite parts of HR — not. And government documents are often the worst.

‘You’re laid off — and you owe us money’

Imagine this: A company tells some of its former employees, “We put too much in your severance check. Please give the extra amount back.”

Lesson: Don’t call someone a dried plum

So much for poetic license. Bangladesh’s information secretary has been sacked for a poem he wrote three years ago.

No bright clothes, please

Some employers have enough trouble trying to define “casual” for casual Fridays. What if HR had to decide which employees’ clothes were too colorful?

Principal may be fired for making six-year-old clean toilet

Fireable offense, or just incredibly bad judgment that merits less drastic discipline? You make the call in the case of the principal, the six-year-old and the toilet.

Police didn’t have to look far when company reported theft

From the “stupid crooks” file: If HR is ever involved in an investigation into theft at your company, remember that the most obvious suspect might be right in front of you.

Second job you wouldn’t want your employees to have

In this tough economy, it’s hardly unusual for people to look for second jobs to make ends meet. Example: A teacher advertised online that she was looking for extra work because her bills were piling up. Unfortunately, her ad was on the “casual encounters” section of a popular Web site. And her school computer was […] [MORE]

Dealing with staff cuts: Just don’t answer the phone

When a company is forced to make layoffs, how do the remaining employees pick up the duties performed by departed workers? An office in Colorado came up with an idea, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Employee tries to get fired by trashing his workplace

A restaurant worker trashed a restaurant in Madison, WI, in hopes of getting fired so he could collect unemployment.

Applicant stabbed, but goes to interview before hospital

As an HR pro, what impresses you about applicants at interviews? Maybe it’s their professional demeanor, resume or responses to questions.