Human Resources News & Insights

Milkman spared jail for deliveries other than dairy products

Does your policy manual address possible conflicts if employees have other jobs outside your company? Side jobs can cause problems. For example: A milkman in Burnley, Great Britain, could have gone to jail for up to 36 months for his special deliveries.

Denied unemployment for taking 4 sick days in one year

How many sick days per year does your company’s benefits policy provide? A New Jersey case centers around an employee who took just four sick days.

Is office romance an automatic blunder?

Sound the alarms! Ted in accounting is dating Alice in marketing! Is it HR’s job to break them up before an office romance wreaks havoc on your company?

He gets a salary for doing nothing

Few companies these days can afford unproductive employees. What would happen if HR found an employee who sat in his office all day doing nothing and got paid a full-time salary?

California starts Furlough Fridays to save money

More employers are choosing to cut employees’ hours — and pay — instead of letting workers go in layoffs.

‘So what if the pilot’s drunk? The plane flies itself’

Would co-workers cover up for an employee in a safety-sensitive position who might be drunk on the job?

Is bad economy increasing number of call-outs?

When twice the usual number of employees call out sick — and it happens on Super Bowl Sunday — is it a case of couch potato fever? Or, as union representatives suggested in one case, was it burnout because of staff cutbacks? You make the call.

Down economy sends more ‘applicants’ to these banks

A report notes that one type of bank has received lots of applications recently, possibly because of the down economy. Just be glad these aren’t the applicants HR pros have to interview.

Employee laid off after saving her boss’ life

It’s tough for anyone in HR to participate in the process of deciding who stays and who goes when layoffs are necessary. See what you think about this case.

Can being too good at your job get you fired?

A high school girls’ basketball coach was fired after he said he would not apologize for badly beating another team.