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Full ACA repeal and replacement could take how long? Republican senator gives clues

Few Republicans have put a time frame on how long it could take to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – but one just did. 

What kind of DOL can we expect under R. Alexander Acosta?

Amidst a sea of controversy surrounding his ties to the fast-food industry and less than 24 hours before his committee hearing was slated to begin, Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination for Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary. In his place, President Trump put forth R. Alexander Acosta.  

Employees desperately need more information on health plans, study says

As an increasing number of employees are being asked to make smarter healthcare spending decisions, communication is more important than ever. Unfortunately, it looks like many firms have a lot of room for improvement.  

Bill would allow employers to provide tax-free student loan assistance

Student loan repayment benefits have become an increasingly popular tool for recruiting and retention in recent years and, if this bill passes, that trend is only likely to continue.  

A safety program for your firm’s health benefits: Financial wellness

A financial wellness program can be to your company’s health insurance what a safety program is to workers’ comp: a strategic way to control costs.  

New bill puts ACA decision in the hands of the states

A number of ACA-related bills have been introduced recently, but this particular piece of legislation has stood out from the list for a number of reasons.  

Trump’s latest move appears to delay that other DOL rule

In the latest of a long string of announcements about changes to federal regs, President Donald Trump has instructed the DOL to take a closer look at the agency’s new fiduciary rule. What does this mean for employers? 

Establishing a solid paid parental leave policy: 4 keys

Is paid parental leave right for your company?  

Only 1 in 3 employees actually understands how their 401(k) works

When it comes to common financial vehicles like 401(k) plans, term life insurance, Roth IRAs and 529 college savings plans, most workers could use some education on the finer points.  

Don’t forget human touch in your benefits communication

There are plenty of technological innovations in the world of benefits services and communications, but HR pros should never forget the importance of old-fashioned human interaction.