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Court voids key parts of EEOC’s wellness regs: Here’s what happens next

When a federal court asked the EEOC to reconsider its rules on wellness incentives under the ADA and GINA, it expected the agency to move swiftly with its response.

Court: Here’s when you don’t have to pay workers’ comp for at-work injuries

Just because a tragic event happens while an employee is doing their job doesn’t mean the company is on the hook for workers’ comp benefits.

Will companies really shower workers with tax law bonuses, or is it all hype?

The President said companies are giving big bonuses to their workers because of the “Tax Cut Bill,” and the national media is offering a number of examples to back up this claim, but will the new law actually benefit most employees?

18 states usher in new year with minimum wage increases

If your business is located in a state, city or county that just bumped up the minimum wage on January 1st (and a lot of them are), you’ll want to make sure all of your relevant pay documents reflect the change.

IRS changes course with 2018 mileage rate: What’s different this year?

The IRS just issued the standard mileage rates for 2018, and the latest figures are a departure from what HR pros are probably used to seeing from the feds.

ADA lawsuit: Can you force an unstable employee to see a doctor?

Here’s a tricky scenario for any HR pro: You have reason to believe that an employee, who has suddenly started showing increasingly erratic behavior, is struggling to do her job and negatively impacting her co-workers. What can you do?

New pro-employer NLRB gives HR an early Christmas present

If you had any doubts the GOP-controlled National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) would take a more employer-friendly stance on workplace issues, recent rulings should put those fears to rest.

Unusual cash deposits: Company toilets clogged by $100K

When this business said somebody was flushing money down the toilet, it wasn’t speaking metaphorically about a failed company initiative.

Facebook invites HR pros to steal its sexual harassment policy

In the wake of surging workplace sexual harassment allegations across all industries, Facebook is taking a drastic step.

Paid leave policies: How does your company stack up to the competition?

Forward-thinking employers are finding a number of creative ways to tweak their paid leave policies to give employees the most from the benefit.