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Conflict management tactics used in Dallas’ police department

From 2009 to 2014, the Dallas Police Department has reduced the number of excessive force complaints by 64%. Translation: Officers got better at managing conflict. 

The seemingly innocent interview questions that could get you in legal hot water

Many times, hiring managers — in an innocent attempt to make an interviewee more comfortable — ask questions that could put the company in legal peril down the line.  

5-step manager onboarding program from the ‘bartender’ (wine not included)

As you know, one of the worst mistakes a company can make when promoting someone is getting a technically savvy person in a management position who has absolutely no leadership skills … or training to support them. 

5 tips to prevent Pokemon Go from sapping workplace productivity

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go by now you’ve possibly been living in an isolated mountain cabin for the past few weeks. The game, released as an app for mobile devices, is considered an augmented reality game where players can walk around and capture digital creatures. 

3 keys to better management of workplace conflict

Conflict is not, by its nature, a bad thing. In a world without conflict, problems in the workplace wouldn’t be discovered or addressed, and innovation would grow stagnant.   

5 costly employment myths we need to discard

Everyone knows a good myth or two. And as it turns out, a lot of those myths end up being taken at face value and acted on as if they were true — and it’s costing employers. But much like the boogeyman, many of these employment “facts” exist only in our imaginations. 

Feds say state’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ is a civil rights violation

This past week, the EEOC and DOJ strengthened their stance on transgender discrimination in light of North Carolina’s controversial “Bathroom Bill.” 

The 10 best interview questions you’ll see this year

You can never have too many great interview questions in your back pocket. 

Meet 2 nominees for Worst Manager of the Year

You may have dealt with pranksters in the past, but you’ve probably never dealt with what these two managers made their employees endure. 

Eyebrow-raising stats that will drive workers to wellness

There are some pretty shocking stats out there that could be used to spark more participation in employer wellness programs.