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Find the Best 2017 Applicant Tracking Software – Get FREE Custom Price Quotes

The recruitment process can be arduous for both employers and candidates. From sourcing candidates to tracking current applicants and ultimately hiring the ideal candidate, an ATS will reduce the time and expense of hiring new employees for both HR departments as well as recruiting and staffing agencies. There are hundreds of ATS solutions currently on […] [MORE]

Find the Best Learning Management System (LMS) Software – Free Quotes & Relevant Recommendations

A Learning Management System (LMS) automates the administration, testing, tracking and reporting of learner progress through online courses. Using a LMS, organizations can create curricula to educate employees, and allow them to demonstrate competencies or gain certification in areas relevant to their role. Analytics and reporting functionality also gives organizations more insight into training or […] [MORE]

Open Enrollment & Benefits Management Survival Guide

The modern HR department is obsessed with compensation. And, while this can take many forms today’s medical coverage and healthcare benefits account for a significant portion of compensation budgets. Contrary to popular belief, benefits administration doesn’t need to be complex or time-consuming. All it takes is the intuitive resources and intelligent insight to oversee the […] [MORE]

The Essentials of HR and Talent Management December 2017 Kit

The Essentials of HR and Talent Management December 2017 Kit brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your HR and Talent Management related decisions. Learn more! 

5 Common Sense Changes for How You Hire

It’s been said that common sense isn’t all that common. Scott Wintrip frequently observes organizations engaging in hiring practices that defy common sense. Does this mean that the leaders who engage in the methods are dumb? No. Of course not. The issue is that habits often interfere with our innate instincts. Here are five of […] [MORE]

The Human Resources Management Kit December 2017

The Human Resources Management Kit – December 2017 brings together the latest information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your Human Resources Management related decisions. Learn more! 

The College Recruiting Playbook

The college recruiting game has changed. Today’s innovative companies aren’t just meeting students on campus. They’re making offers there. If you’re not engaging students in the way they expect before you get to campus, the top talent will be gone by the time you arrive. Learn more! 

Interested in What HR Will Look Like in 2022?

The world of HR is evolving from core HR functions to people-focused professionals. Developing recruiting and retention strategies will define HR’s success in the future. We wanted to know how HR professionals like you view the industry now and what changes you envision taking place in five years. Those responses make up our HR Trendcast […] [MORE]

3 Things Every Employer Needs to Know About Millennials

Millennials are now the largest generation in the United States workforce, currently comprising 34 percent, and that number is growing rapidly. By 2025, a full 75 percent of the U.S. workforce will be millennials. Most importantly, this generation is quickly moving beyond entry-level roles and into leadership positions. No matter what business or industry, Millennials are […] [MORE]

4 Templates to Enhance Your Candidate Experience

Let your employer brand shine through your entire hiring process. Your candidate experience can make or break your company’s reputation. Yes, really—43% of candidates who have a negative candidate experience will sever their business with a company. So, it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and consistently with potential employees, from the moment they […] [MORE]