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Tim Gould

Tim Gould, Editor of HRMorning, has served as Editor-in-Chief of the biweekly newsletter What’s Working in Human Resources for the past five years. He’s also been Managing Editor of another newsletter, What’s Working in Benefits and Compensation, and is a regular contributor to
A native of Chicago, Gould had a lengthy career in newspapers, PR and advertising in both the Midwest and Northeast before joining Progressive Business Publications in 2002.
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Asking employees the right questions — at the right time

Here are some thoughts on two different sets of interviews — one to dig into why an employee’s leaving, and one to find out why employees want to stay.

What 84% of employers are doing during OT rule stalemate

Do we forge ahead with the changes we put in place to comply with the new rule or do we simply revert back to what we were doing before the DOL’s overtime changes?  

Dumb manager decisions end up costing two firms big money for EEOC violations

Here’s two more chapters in the continuing saga of “How Bonehead Decisions by Middle Managers Can Put a Big Dent in Your Corporate Pocketbook”:

Age discrimination verdict: Jury awards former employee a whopping $51 million

Yet another example of how painful getting caught for discrimination law violations can be for employers: A New Jersey jury has just awarded a Lockheed Martin engineer an astonishing $51 million after he claimed he was discriminated against based on his age.  

GOP announces timeline for first steps in dismantling Obamacare

Well, we’ve now got a timeline for the Republicans’ plan to jettison Obamacare. What we don’t have is any kind of clear idea of what’s going to replace it.  

Harassment: Dealing with one incident isn’t sufficient to solve hostile workplace

A recent court ruling makes it clear: If you’re trying to rid yourself of the disease of workplace harassment, you can’t just treat the symptoms. You need to find the cure.

Total compensation statements: Don’t overlook their morale-building value

Employers across the country indirectly increased employees’ compensation recently, and in many companies, it seemed like nobody noticed. Why? Because management was guilty of a big oversight. 

It never ends: Another astonishing list of the ways job seekers submarine interviews

As nobody knows better than an HR pro, there are about a zillion ways to screw up a job interview. And it appears CareerBuilder knows them all.  

Risky business: Pay discrimination case costs federal contractor $1.2M

Seems like LexisNexis Risk Solutions should have known what was at stake when it paid female employees substantially less than their male counterparts for work on federal contracts.  

EEOC asks for input on workplace harassment enforcement standards

Just how do you define workplace harassment? The EEOC has taken its best shot.