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Criminal background checks back on feds’ radar

Now that you’ve finally got a handle on the EEOC’s recent guidance on criminal background checks, the feds have announced they’re still not done looking into its effects.

As you’ll recall, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released new guidance on the use of criminal backgrounds checks in the hiring process this past spring.

Those guidelines stated that blanket policies that automatically reject job candidates with criminal records are illegal, with the rationale being that such policies have been found to have a disparate impact on minorities, according to the EEOC.

Now, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) has announced that it will also look into the use of criminal background checks in employment.

The meeting, which will include panels from business and advocacy groups, trade associations and government officials, will in particular focus on the effect criminal background checks have on Hispanic and African-American candidates and employees.

As Ilyse Schuman writes on Washington DC Employment Law Update:

The fact that the USCCR is holding this public forum indicates that the use of criminal histories in employment continues to be a hot-button issue months after the EEOC issued its guidance.

The meeting goes down Friday, Dec. 7. We’ll keep you posted.

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