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Employees taking time off for NASCAR races?

Race season is in full swing. If your company is located near one of the 30 major tracks, and you have race fans on staff, you can expect some to ask for time off to attend the race. You may want to check the NASCAR schedule for more info on races near you.

NASCAR races can also draw spectators from great distances. People living in the northeastern part of the U.S., for example, often make the pilgrimage to Daytona, Florida, or Bristol Motor Speedway, in Tennessee. So don’t be surprised to hear that your employees are heading for one of these far flung destinations.

The races take place on Saturday and Sunday, you might say. True, but did you know that NASCAR races can be week-long events, starting on Monday or Tuesday and culminating in the big race on Sunday afternoon?

Nearly all race tracks have facilities for RV and trailer camping. Some die hard fans spend the entire week hanging out at their favorite track, where there are other races and events to keep them entertained.

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