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Employees would work 40+ extra hours for …

For years employers added these incentives to push workers to perform at higher levels. Now it appears employees crave them desperately. What are they?

The answer: Performance-based rewards programs.

How badly do employees crave them: 33% say they’d put in an extra workweek each year if it meant getting one. In addition, 30% say they’d take on extra responsibilities if their companies offered one.

Why the love for rewards programs tied to performance? Employees say such plans:

  • make them feel more valued (85%)
  • motivate them and make them happier (70%)
  • increase their loyalty to their employers (65%), and
  • make them more productive (60%).

That data is from a July 2011 Staples Advantage study of U.S. office workers.

Employers are on board

Give yourselves a pat on the back. Not only have the majority of you recognized these pro-incentive feelings in workers, you’re acting on them.

More than two-thirds (69%) of U.S. employers are looking to further differentiate employee compensation based on performance, found a new Mercer study of pay for performance trends.

The top objectives you gave for doing that:

  • attract and retain top talent
  • drive specific behaviors or results, and
  • encourage engagement.
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