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  1. HR Kansas says:

    “the average employee’s share of costs in 2011 is expected to rise 11.8%, to $2,660.”

    Most private industry in our area the employee portion runs from 40% to 50% – for an employee share of $4470 to $5588 on family coverage. Some MIGHT pay 100% of single coverage but 100% of the additional family coverage is bore by the employee.

    Deductables have risen in an attempt to control costs – our plan has a maximum out of pocket of $2700 for medical and prescriptions and double that for family. The Obamacare Law will limit FSA to $2500 – not even enough to cover the deductable for one person – let alone a family.

  2. Why don’t you make some suggestions and send them to your representative? Help improve the legislation.

  3. On average, employees pay 23% of healthcare costs. In our area, the manufacturing sector averages 45% employee contribution. My guess is the public sector employee contribution is pretty low. For example, I met a teacher who was complaining that her monthly contribution to her health insurance was going to increase to $40 a month. That would be less than a 10% contribution. I told her she should be out in the real world with the rest of us.

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