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Firm won awards and praise — plus an FLSA violation

This construction company garnered praise for hiring local workers and won awards for building affordable housing. The only problem: Employees allegedly weren’t compensated properly for their work.

Nicholas Lettire, the founder of Lettire Construction, and several of its contractors have settled a wage-and-hour lawsuit with the Department of Labor for about $960,000, agreeing to pay overdue back wages and fringe benefits to workers.

The alleged FLSA violations were extreme, the DOL said: One man worked seven days a week, for 70 hours or more, without water breaks. Lettire’s subcontractor paid him $13 an hour with no overtime.

This isn’t the first time the DOL has gotten involved with Lettire’s company, either — the Department of Housing Preservation and Development has dinged the firm eight times for violating labor law.

In addition to the monetary settlement in this case, Lettire Construction also agreed to hire a monitor to make sure the company complies with labor law.

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