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If you need a lift in your day or just something to pin to the bulletin board, here are some great HR-related quotations from our collection.

Recognition is like a small drop of oil in the machinery of business. It just makes things run a little smoother.
Obert Tanner

There is always a better way.
Thomas Edison

Have confidence that if you’ve done a little thing well, you can do a big thing well, too.
David Storey

To improve yourself, do something for someone else.

Equipment, procedures – those things can be duplicated. Human capital is the only area where companies can really differentiate themselves.
Meldron Young

There is someone at work who encourages me.
A top-10 answer on the Gallup Poll of why people like their jobs

Can we fix it? Yes, we can!
Bob the Builder, cartoon character

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  • The second Canadian influenza A (H1N1) fate as the first victim of Alberta, had diabetes and a to check a doctors background free
    Despite these medical conditions, age 44, Toronto man was fundamentally sound, until he died suddenly on Saturday.

    The Toronto Star identified the dead second Canadian swine influenza as Ravinjan Paramsothy, died May 23 at 1:30 at his apartment in Scarborough. Health authorities in Ontario are still determining the cause of his death.

    The week of his death, Paramsothy go see a doctor for treatment for persistent cough.He took a leave from work but returns to his job in Travelencia, which offers programs to benefit consumers worldwide, according to family friend who identified himself to the Toronto Star as Mohan.

    On Friday his condition worsened when he returned home to rest. His condition has improved even Friday night. However, Paramsothy coughing resumed at 1:30 on Saturday, prompting his family to call 911,addiction doctors
    but paramedics did not revive their arrival. Mohan said Paramsothy diabetes appeared to be under control by taking medication, although human blood glucose fluctuations.

    Toronto Public spokeswoman Health Anne Marie Aikins told the Toronto Star people with chronic diseases like diabetes when they are infected with influenza virus, are at a higher risk of developing several serious diseases such as pneumonia.medical laws that help doctors get paid by insurance companies

    Infections of swine influenza in Ontario continue to rise in the province, with the last count to 371 confirmed cases. Throughout the country there are 921 cases of laboratory confirmed H1N1 in 10 Canadian provinces and territories of May 25.