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Hey — who’s that guy with the tie?

How many of your rank-and-file employees have actually met your CEO?

A new CareerBuilder survey says six in 10 workers have had some kind of personal contact with their organization’s top dog.

That leaves another 40% who’ve never encountered the CEO — and 21% say they don’t even know what their ultimate boss looks like.

Employee familiarity with the CEO varies from industry to industry, the survey revealed.

Workers in business services, sales and manufacturing are most likely to have met their CEO, while a majority of workers in IT, financial services and retail say they have not met their organization’s top leader.

The familiarity disconnect doesn’t stop there. Only 35% of workers can name all of the C-level officers at their organization, while an additional 21% can only name some C-level officers.

And get this: More than two-thirds (68%) of workers don’t know how much their company generates in revenue each year, the poll said.

Don’t we keep reading about how important it is for employees to feel a bond with company management — not just through an understanding of the organization’s goals, but a personal connection to leadership?

If these survey numbers are correct, it looks like an awful lot of firms have some serious catching up to do.

The poll involved more than 7,000 full-time workers and was conducted by Harris Interactive.

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