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HR exec gets last laugh at f-bomb dropping commuter

Apparently karma does exist … and she’s got a sense of humor.

Meet HR executive Matt Buckland of the investment firm Forward Partners in London.

He recently had an … umm … interesting experience exiting a London subway train during rush hour while on his way to work.

Buckland had an interview scheduled for later that day with someone applying for a position at his firm.

The subway was packed that morning, and as Buckland and the other passengers were preparing to depart, he moved to the side to let a woman off. But as he did, he stepped in front of a man whom Buckland opted not to identify in his account of the morning’s commute, as told by the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

The man became agitated with Buckland and, as the two departed the train, Buckland alleges the man turned to him and suggested he go “f*** himself.”

Buckland told the Daily Mail the man apparently thought Buckland was deliberately standing in his way.

What happened next is priceless.

Remember me?

The unidentified man was apparently on his way to a job interview at none other than Forward Partners.

And when he sat down for his interview, he found himself across from … you guessed it … Buckland.

The man didn’t recognize Buckland, but Buckland toyed with the candidate nonetheless.

Buckland says he asked the man a series of subway related questions until it became clear to the candidate just who he was.

Buckland says the two had a good laugh about the incident, but the interview carried on despite the earlier vulgar jab.

Buckland said he didn’t hold the encounter over the man.

He told the Daily Mail:

When you interview you are looking for a read of skills but also to know if that person is a real human being, it’s about that connection. By the end of the interview we laughed it off and were both happy.

As generous as that seems of Buckland, he still didn’t offer the man the job. Apparently, he wasn’t right for the role.

Ya think?

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