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ICE is at it again — 1,000 new hiring audits on tap

The Immigration folks are undertaking a new hiring audit push. Did you get your notification letter?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  has announced it’s  auditing the hiring records of 1,000 firms to make sure they’re complying with employment eligibility verification laws.

Employers will be on the hook for supplying I-9 documentation, payroll records, info on independent contractors and more.

The targets of the audits: firms that play a role in keeping national infrastructure safe, including ones associated with agriculture and food, water treatment, health care and transportation.

The notifications bring the total audits for 2011 to 2,300. The agency only issued 2,196 audits in 2010, and a relatively scant 1,444 in 2009.

Employment law firm Jackson Lewis offers a closer look at what the feds are up to. Click here to access the site.

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  1. I just took over as HR Mgr. at a company where the other person that was here did not know how to fill out I-9’s actually my I-9″ are a walking lawsuit. What can I do?

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