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Ignore this IRS e-mail – here’s why

Get an e-mail that says your federal tax deposit was rejected? Here’s why you can probably ignore it.

IRS doesn’t contact taxpayers by e-mail.

If you do get a message, it’s likely part of a new fraud scheme, centered on the Electronic Federal Tax Deposit System (EFTPS), that asks taxpayers to click on a website to provide “more information.”

But don’t do it – that website likely contains malware that’ll attempt to infect your computer.

If you receive an e-mail claiming to be from IRS or EFTPS:

  • Don’t reply to the sender, access links on the site or submit any info to them
  • Forward the message to, and
  • Report misuse of the IRS name, logo, forms or other IRS property to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at (800) 366-4484.

You can get more info here.

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