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Impress young workers quickly — or say goodbye

What’s the key to keeping young, talented employees with your company longer?

Answer: Impress them quickly.

That’s the word from a recent survey by the Novations Group. Employees under 30 (notorious for job-hopping) were asked how long it takes to decide whether or not a new job is right for them. The results:

  • 26% said “less than a month”
  • 51% said “one to six months,” and
  • 22% said more than six months.

In other words, if young hires don’t feel highly satisfied within the first few months, most of them will be heading somewhere else.

Hang on to talent

Here’s some advice the Novations Group has for retaining young employees:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of relationships. Employees (especially twenty-somethings) are more likely to stay in a job where they have friends. Set new employees up with peer mentors so they have a go-to person starting on day one.
  • Offer training and help attaining professional certifications. That’s a low-cost benefit that has a lot of value for both employee and employer.
  • Explain how the job fits in with the “big picture.” Early on, introduce new workers to other departments and explain overall how everything’s connected. Folks tend to be more committed if they see the effect their work has on the organization.
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