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INFOGRAPHIC: The best and worst intern candidates

You’ve worked with your summer interns for a month or two now, and you’re probably getting an idea about which ones you’d want to consider bringing on full-time. Here’s what to look out for when you do.

The key: Just because someone has interned at your company doesn’t necessarily make them the ideal candidate after they graduate.

That’s one of the many takeaways from a new infographic compiled by InternMatch.

Yes, you’ve invested time and money into assimilating a fresh-faced youngster into your ranks. But bringing on a less-than-stellar intern as a full-time employee just because it’s convenient and is what’s supposed to happen doesn’t help anyone.

Here are some relevant stats to keep in mind when deciding about the future of current interns at your company:

  • Nearly 75% of recent graduates had an internship during their college years — and for 42% of them, it led to a job. If you do find an intern you love, you might want to act fast before another company he or she has interned for snatches him or her up.
  • Nearly 65% of workers say they visit non-work-related websites during the day — and 73% of employees ages 18 to 35 say they spend time inappropriately at work every day. It might go without saying, but if your managers are continually finding an intern goofing off at work, don’t chalk it up to youth or lack of available projects.
  • About 40% of 20-somethings think they’re smarter than their bosses. Same deal here: Confidence is great, but interns who are snarky and full of themselves will likely become employees who are snarky and full of themselves. If he or she is a true superstar, try to get him or her in line while he or she is interning.

Interns good and bad

Check out the full infographic below for more relevant results, and while you’re at it, check out a recent guest post on how to keep interns engaged all summer long:


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