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More workers comfortable with taking a vacation this year

Get ready: Employees who put off their vacations may be ready to start taking them in the summer months ahead.

More than a third (36%) of workers say they’re more comfortable taking a vacation this summer than they were last year, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey of 5,600 workers.

The survey also found that of those who will take a vacation:

  • 26% plan to take 7 to 11 days, and
  • 11% plan to be gone two weeks or longer.

As a result, this may be a good time to encourage your managers to make sure there’s coverage for every position.

They might even want to buddy up workers for cross-training. Employees may also want to share key customer contact info and where critical business info is stored in case it’s needed while a worker is taking some R&R.

If there’s a chance your company may need to get in touch with a vacationing employee, it’s wise to instruct managers to set parameters with those staffers on when it’s OK to do so.

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