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No bright clothes, please

Some employers have enough trouble trying to define “casual” for casual Fridays. What if HR had to decide which employees’ clothes were too colorful?

The city of Zhengzhou in China has issued an edict that government employees should not wear any “unnatural hair styles” or clothes that are too colorful.

The new regulations say city officials should make sure their clothing stays away from bright color schemes.

If colorful is wrong, what’s right? Neat and orderly, according to the rules.

“Don’t just dress any which way” the regulations demand.

Officials say no specific breach of workplace clothing etiquette triggered these rules. The purpose is to “improve the image of our public servants” according to wire service reports.

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  1. Well this is China after all. I’m more surprised they don’t list a uniform for all employees rather than just saying don’t dress too wildly.

  2. And this is an HR Blunder how?

  3. Hmmmmmm can’t get that subject “human rights” out of my mind, even for this innocent subject. What happens if one violates this rule in this City of Zhengzhou in CHINA

  4. Agreed, SN

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