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Our favorite Web sites: Finding and getting stimulus funds

Alert your CFO: The government won’t be releasing complete economic stimulus info until at least October. But this Web site’s got a complete breakdown for you right now, and it even lets you know if your organization could be eligible. is a Seattle-based, public company that tracks government spending at every level. It has up-to-date figures on where economic stimulus funds are going based on state, county, and industry (it also provides exact dollar amounts).

From a business perspective, there are two payoffs:

1. You can see which industries and regions received the most, so Sales can target prospects in those markets.

2. You’ll know how much local or state stimulus money has been put aside for your industry, so you can request some of those funds before local officials are flooded with petitions from your competitors.

Finally, the site allows you to filter results by “Project Type,” so you can even see what funds have already been specifically allocated for public works programs, private businesses, and job creation in your region.

The sooner you know which prospects have a windfall of money in their budgets, the more of a head start you have on competitors who probably won’t know that info for months to come.

For a complete breakdown of stimulus allocations, go to

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  1. Richard Getz says:

    Spend, spend, spend…

    Look at this “1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon Asks–Planned Economy Or Planned Destruction? ”

    Sound like a the times we are living in??

  2. any updates ???

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