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Should you be telling workers how to unionize?

The National Labor Relations Board wants to require your company to put up a poster explaining how your employees can form a union.

In a press release, the NLRB said it believes “many employees protected by the National Labor Relations Act are unaware of their rights under the statute.”

Their answer? A mandate that employers post notices explaining workers’  rights to bargain collectively, distribute union literature or engage in other union activities.

The notice would be similar to those covering other federal employment law, like the Fair Labor Standards Act (FlsA), Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

The NLRB is asking for public comments on the proposal. They can be submitted electronically to, or by mail or hand-delivery to Lester Heltzer, Executive Secretary, NLRB, 1099 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20570.

A fact sheet and further information about the proposed rule is available here.

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  1. Why don’t employers just be required to provide an application to the union when they are hired…..really…..if you can’t legislate then regulate….isn’t that the new mantra of the imposters in office right now?

  2. Oh, goodie. Yet another government agency requiring employers to publish yet another notice that employees either don’t care about or don’t understand. Does the government have any idea how many trees we kill each year to post all this useless information? I swear they come out with this stuff just to justify the agency’s existence.

  3. I strongly feel it’s time for “these” people to stop putting requirements on employers. The NLRB has it’s place and has great value to some industries. I just don’t believe they belong in offices, medical practices, hospitals, etc. Let us do our jobs without hiring an additional body to just take care of paperwork requirements. Most small businesses would be put out of business if they became unionized. What employees don’t consider is the COST to them in union dues annually as they only hear what they want to hear until it’s too late. Please don’t add this to our growing lists of “have to’s”.

  4. PO'd HR Guy says:

    You want to see companies move overseas aor close up shop altogether? Let the NLRB have its way.

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