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Social networking profiles more accurate than resumes?

In the debate about whether to search for candidates online before they’re hired, here’s another reason hiring managers may consider doing so:

Candidates are often more honest in their LinkedIn profiles than in the resumes they send employers.

At least that’s what LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman said at the recent Social Recruiting Summit held at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

The reasoning: Resumes are read only by a few people in a company who know nothing about the candidate. On the other hand, candidates might have hundreds of LinkedIn connections, and in theory, know or have worked with all of them.

Reid’s point: It’s hard to lie publicly in front of current or former colleagues.

Of course, LinkedIn profiles aren’t really replacements for resumes — most users don’t put the same detail into a profile, and there aren’t many versions tailored to different types of positions.

But some experts recommend finding a candidate’s profile to quickly make sure there aren’t glaring discrepancies in the info you received.

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  1. I have been cautioned about going on networking sites in order to look at prospective (or current) employee profiles. They very likely contain information company management really doesn’t want or need to know. Any opinions?

  2. The vetting process when selecting a new hire is not simply running a background check. Unfortunately, as this article depicts, this is often the case. Research shows that most background check companies don’t, or in most can’t provide accurate answers to questions about items which come back on a completed background check because they lack qualified personnel to do so. At Compliant Background Screening Partners, LLC our staff are former federal & state investigators, human resources and compliance professionals. We answer all questions with regard to any “hit” which may be returned on a background check. Having a screening company with staff who has the experience and knowledge to interpret these “hits” is a must. Can your screening company answer your questions?

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    Finding a job in today’s market is an arduous task to say the least. Competition is at an all time high and job seekers who wish to stand out among the crowd of applicants are now re-thinking their job-hunting strategies.

    Where does your resume land when you apply on-line?

    Who opens the envelope that contains your cover letter and resume for that “perfect” job you just applied to?

    Attention grabbing one liners and professional resume services have become all too commonplace. Most job seekers use fancy paper and cleverly written cover letters to stand out as a “Wow” candidate. So asking yourself the question, Why would having my resume contents verified and a pre-employment check completed prior to an interview be pleasing to a hiring manager or the Human Resources Department?

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