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Social networks have arrived — bye-bye job boards?

Social networks are playing a growing — make that exploding — role in companies’ recruiting strategies. 

At least that’s the  claim of Jobvite, a firm that offers clients online social recruiting services.

According to the company’s recent social recruiting survey, 83% of companies polled said they currently use or are planning to start using social networks to ferret out new hires this year.

There’s more:

  • 46% say they’ll spend more on social recruiting this year than in 2009
  • 36% will spend less on job boards, and
  • 38% will spend less on outside recruiters.

Where will these sterling new hires be found? Here’s where companies are looking now, according to Jobvite:

  • LinkedIn — 78%
  • Facebook — 55%
  • Twitter — 45%, and
  • blogs — 19%.

The research also gives us a glimpse of how HR people are using social sites. Eighty-four percent of respondents said they sometimes check social profiles when reviewing candidates — 32% said they always do so.

One odd twist: In this wired-in age, 69% of job applicants don’t bother to disclose their use of social networks.

Maybe they’ve still got pictures of last year’s Christmas party on their Facebook page.

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  1. Jobvite are spot on with their research however the most “smart” companies are now seeing the value of having their own social networks/communities internally for building their talent pools and engaging with jobseekers and new hires.

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