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Survey: One in three IT staff snoops on colleagues

If an employee accessed confidential information such as salaries by breaking into a filing cabinet, most HR pros would say that person deserves to be disciplined. But what about when IT accesses confidential electronic documents?

One in three IT pros admit secretly accessing confidential data, such as salaries, personal e-mails or board-meeting minutes, according to a survey.

IT security company Cyber-Ark surveyed 300 senior IT staffers and found that one in three snooped, while 47% said they’d accessed info that wasn’t relevant to their role.

Here’s something else HR and IT needs to know: privileged passwords get changed only every quarter in 30% of companies and never at all in 9%. That means an IT staffer who’s left the company could still gain access.

Cyber-Ark said 70% of companies rely on outdated and insecure methods to exchange sensitive data.

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