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Survey: Recognition isn’t enough for IT retention

Think patting someone on the back for a job well done is an effective retention strategy? A new survey says think again.

A recent survey by Gartner asked IT pros to rate which benefit was most important to them, and most likely to keep them in their current jobs:

  1. Job security
  2. Company-funded training and certification courses
  3. Flexible work hours, or
  4. Recognition from upper management.

The results: 35% said job security was number one. Training and flexibility came a close second and third, respectively, with 32% and 31% of the votes.

Very few (2%) feel recognition is most important.

These days, job security can’t be easily guaranteed, and there’s little room in most companies’ budgets for extra training. But flexibility is a cheap benefit that can be offered in many cases. And going the extra mile to provide training could worth it in some cases to retain top-performing employees.

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