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Pay student loan or join 401(k)? Help millennials do both

What if there was a way to help your employees repay their student loans and increase your company’s retention rates?

City becomes first to offer student loan repayment benefits: Who’s next?

Here’s yet another sign that student loan repayment benefits are more than a passing fad. 

Lessons learned from a tidal wave of 401(k) fee suits: How to keep your company safe

Delta Airlines recently became the latest organization embattled in a highly publicized retirement plan lawsuit over its allegedly excessive 401(k) fees. Unfortunately, the company could’ve avoided its fate by taking a few extra steps. 

Employees’ 401(k) loans can get you audited: How to protect your plan

Convincing employees not to take out 401(k) loans not only benefits workers’ financial health, it also helps keep you out of the IRS crosshairs. 

Will student loan repayment benefits become the next 401(k)?

Just three percent of employers currently offer student loan repayment benefits. But based on a number of reliable factors, that number may skyrocket in the not so distant future.  

Finally: Feds release the new fiduciary rule for retirement plans

A full year after issuing the initial proposal – and six years after the issue was first raised — the DOL has released the controversial new fiduciary rule.  

Obama proposes expansion of employee retirement plan options

The Obama administration is proposing some new ways to get employees involved in saving for retirement.  

No big surprises in IRS’ qualified plan limits for 2016

The IRS just released the 2016 retirement plan contribution limits, and these are numbers that should look awful familiar to HR pros.  

IRS clarifies 401(k) distribution rules: What plan sponsors need to know

Even if you use a third-party administrator for your retirement plan, you need to pay attention to what the IRS just published. 

Heads up: The feds are cracking down on 401(k) hardship withdrawals

Here’s another reason why employers should limit (or even eliminate altogether) workers’ opportunities for 401(k) hardship withdrawals.