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When pregnancy and light duty collide: What you need to know

It’s a new day and age for pregnant employee protections. As a result, old-school light duty policies are getting torn to shreds in court. Here’s what they can’t say anymore: 

Why, how and when you must grant ADA leave

A new compliance nightmare is driving employers batty: administering leave as an accommodation under the ADA. It’s not hard to slip up and put yourself right in the crosshairs of your employees’ attorneys. 

EEOC slaps two employers for mishandling disability accommodation requests

When an employee asks for an accommodation for a disability, the EEOC expects management to go through the full process of determining whether or not a reasonable arrangement can be made. Two health-related firms recently learned that lesson the hard way.  

Threatening to blow off supervisor’s head: Covered under the ADA?

A man fired for making “extreme” threats to kill his supervisor sues, claiming he was a disabled individual protected by the ADA. A federal court ruled he may indeed have been disabled, but … 

Wal-Mart to pay $150k tab for age and disability discrimination

Wal-Mart has to lead the league in employee lawsuits. The latest development: The corporation agreed to pay $150,000 to settle an age and disability discrimination claim.  

‘Mark of the Beast’ keeps popping up in lawsuits: Are accommodations required?

Do you have to accommodate individuals whose religious beliefs lead them to think their jobs will brand them with the “Mark of the Beast?” Is this something you even have to worry about? 

Court issues pro-employer ADA ruling — but don’t celebrate quite yet

Every HR pro should know additional leave can be a reasonable accommodation when an employee’s FMLA leave is exhausted. But does an employee have to specifically ask for this additional leave in order to receive it?  

Disability services provider gets nailed — for violating ADA

So you’re a non-profit agency whose mission is to help people with disabilities. How in the world could you think it’s OK to fire somebody because he’s deaf?  

Being a jerk isn’t an ADA-qualifying disability, court rules

Employers can breathe a sigh of relief. Common sense just won the day in a U.S. appeals court.

Iffy comments enough to trigger ADA obligations? Court says yes

Here’s the craziest Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) case we’ve come across recently. (Warning: The ruling is a little tough for employers to swallow.)