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Feds pump out even more Obamacare instructions

If you believe Republicans on Capitol Hill, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) isn’t long for this world. Still, the Obama administration continues to clarify how businesses are supposed to comply with the law’s many provisions. 

Good news: Some employers get to start using stand-alone HRAs again

Employers may soon be able to use a key money-saving strategy that was recently taken away from them by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

New anti-retaliation rules issued under ACA & injury laws

The federal government just added another box employers must check before terminating or taking a disciplinary action against an employee. 

‘Cadillac’ tax delayed: What it means for HR pros

Employers got an early Christmas present when President Obama signed a budget bill that delayed the implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s tax on high-value or “Cadillac” health plans. 

‘Cadillac’ tax: Could this be the beginning of the end?

A new bill to gut many major provisions of the ACA has passed the Senate, and even though there’s little chance the current version of the legislation will remain intact, some sections — particularly those centering on the law’s “Cadillac” tax — may actually survive. 

ACA reporting rules: Why 12 minutes is the magic number

How long will the ACA reporting process take? The IRS may be able to help you determine how much of your schedule you need to block off. 

The 3 biggest ACA requirements you still have to worry about

Congratulations … you’ve survived the vast majority of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirements. But your compliance headaches aren’t over yet. What Obamacare regulations are still slated to kick in? 

ACA reporting rules: A plain-English breakdown

If you think the Obamacare reporting requirements issued by the IRS are confusing, you’re not alone. But we’ve cut through the clutter to get to the point of what’s required. 

Good news: IRS gives a little more breathing room on ACA reporting

If there’s no way your firm will be able to get everything in order in time to comply with the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) reporting deadlines, don’t panic. You may not have to.  

Bill would bring back popular Obamacare workaround: Stand-alone HRAs

Remember that $36K penalty the IRS felt the need to remind everybody it would impose on employers that tried to give employees untaxed funds to purchase healthcare coverage? Well, there’s now hope that some employers won’t have to worry about this after all.