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Should you allow alcohol in your office? Pros & cons

A long-since-exiled workplace habit is now making a big comeback: drinking in the office. And it’s not because employees are sneaking it into their place of business and sipping in the shadows. 

You can fire a driver if he’s an alcoholic, right? You won’t like the answer

It’s getting harder to fire workers — at least legally — these days. Here’s the latest example: 

‘You can never drink alcohol again’: Was company’s requirement legal?

Could this company really forbid one of its employees from drinking alcohol — both on the job and off the clock? 

What’s got HR’s ear for the rest of the year?

What are the latest trends in hiring, social networking and drug and alcohol testing?

A cautionary tale about requiring random testing for drugs and alcohol

Many employers have taken a pro-active approach to helping employees deal with drug and alcohol problems. A recent case out of New Jersey clarifies just how far companies can go in setting protocols for ensuring that workers stay on the straight and narrow.

How a few cocktails can help you solve those knotty HR problems

Now here’s the kind of research we can get behind. A new report out of the University of Illinois suggests a way we can all ratchet up our problem-solving skills: drink on the job.

Alcoholics and FMLA: How far can they push the envelope?

This worker clearly had an alcohol problem. But did her employer do what was required to help her?

How to mishandle FMLA leave

An employee takes leave to enter rehab for alcoholism. Over nearly three months the employee relapses several times and misses work prior to – and during – several stints in rehab. Are all of his absences FMLA-protected?

Another area where smokers and the obese are costing you

By now you know all about the massive healthcare bills smokers, poor eaters and couch potatoes can rack up. But you may be surprised to hear how much they’re costing you in another vital area.

When providing cell phones, laptops can get you sued

If your employees carry cell phones or laptops, they may be on the clock — even if they’re at home after hours.