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When does ADA leave become unreasonable? Courts & EEOC say …

Many questions spring up for employers when an employee exhausts their FMLA leave but still can’t return to work. Are you required to give them more leave under the ADA? If so, how much additional leave is too much? Can you fire them for needing too much time off? 

Expert’s 4-step process for managing employees with psychological disabilities

When it comes to accommodating psychological disabilities, most employers will agree few situations are more challenging. With no one-size-fits-all answer, solutions are always employee specific, making psychological disabilities one of the toughest disabilities to manage. 

ADA claim: Employer to pay $90K for failing to transfer disabled employee

Here’s a reminder that the feds want to see all employers explore job reassignment as an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

‘Attendance point’ policy costs employer $1.7M

It starts out as a simple challenge: Companies need a way to track employee attendance. 

EEOC sues employer for discrimination by association: What’s that?

A lawsuit that was just filed provides a powerful reminder of ADA protections some employers — and especially their managers — may not have known about. 

Physician, heal thyself: Hospital chain to pay $80k for disability bias

Ah, the irony: A major Midwest healthcare organization has agreed to pay $80,000 to a woman whose job offer was withdrawn — because of her medical condition.  

EEOC’s new pregnancy guidance boils down to doing one thing right

For the second time in the past year, the EEOC has issued new guidance on how to treat pregnant employees. And while the guidance is massive, the agency could’ve saved employers a lot of headaches by simply saying this … 

This might be the dumbest ADA violation you’ll ever read about

It’s reasonable to wonder if a one-eyed man could safely work on an oil rig. But wouldn’t almost 40 years on the job convince you he could?  

‘Social anxiety disorder’ is qualifying condition under ADA: Court

The definition of disability — the kind employers have to make an effort to accommodate — just keeps getting wider and wider.  

Court issues pro-employer ADA ruling — but don’t celebrate quite yet

Every HR pro should know additional leave can be a reasonable accommodation when an employee’s FMLA leave is exhausted. But does an employee have to specifically ask for this additional leave in order to receive it?