Human Resources News & Insights

Working Families Flexibility Act threatens to add paperwork

A bill that’s been introduced in both the House and Senate threatens to add more paperwork to your ever-expanding to-do list.

New bill to help employers pool retirement cash

Here are two scary stats for those looking to create a retirement nest egg:

401(k) to pay the mortgage? New bill wants it to happen

Should employees be allowed to use their retirement nest egg to save them from foreclosure? Some on Capital Hill think so.

White House wants to tax health benefits

Quietly tucked inside President Obama’s 155-page jobs bill is a provision to count a portion of the value of health benefits provided to certain individuals as taxable income.

New bill looks to combine Depts. of Labor and Commerce

If this new piece of legislation were to pass, employers wouldn’t have to take orders from the Department of Labor (DOL) any more.

New bill could restrict controversial FSA, HSA reimbursements

The House Ways and Means Committee just approved a new bill that could halt the tax-free reimbursement of abortion expenses from flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).

Bill expected to make Roth option more appealing

A provision tucked into a small business jobs bill that Congress just passed would broaden the appeal of 401(k) plans.

Healthcare reform approved: What it’ll look like

The largest healthcare overhaul in decades narrowly won approval in the House on Sunday and is set to become law.

New jobs bill offers employers a tax holiday

The House just passed the Senate’s $15 billion jobs bill meant to encourage you to seek out the unemployed.

Feds may require you to provide paid sick days

The feds may soon force you to provide five paid sick days for every employee.