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Nearly a third of companies will pass tax law savings to staffers: Here’s how

HR pros have seen plenty of news stories about giant corporations that are passing along the savings from the new tax law to their employees. But until now, it’s been tough to get a picture of just how many employers, percentage wise, are actually going to make such a move.

Will companies really shower workers with tax law bonuses, or is it all hype?

The President said companies are giving big bonuses to their workers because of the “Tax Cut Bill,” and the national media is offering a number of examples to back up this claim, but will the new law actually benefit most employees?

5 rules surrounding one OT concession DOL gave employers

To make the drastic increase in the FLSA’s salary basis test a little easier to swallow, the DOL gave employers a concession in its final overtime rule. 

The 10 dumbest holiday gifts workers have given, received

It takes a special kind of person to give the gifts that appear on the lists below. 

Can you believe workers actually gave these 10 awful office gifts?

As you may have heard, holiday office parties can go south pretty quickly. And apparently, the gifts exchanged at such functions can be equally disastrous.

Fewer CEOs collecting bonuses, incentives, perks

Companies are getting stingier when it comes to offering CEOs juicy benefits.

’Tis the season for not giving: More employers cut holiday bonuses, perks

The days of company holiday parties and year-end bonuses may be coming to an end.

New bill would reduce federal workforce, perks

Legislation has just been brought before the Senate that would significantly reduce the size of the federal workforce and extend pay freezes.

What are the real chances of your workers jumping to new jobs?

You’ve heard all the grumbling about how how many employees are ready to look for new jobs. But just how likely is your company to see a parade out the door?

Google’s tying bonus pay to social media

Google’s so gung-ho about social media, it’s tying 25% of employees’ annual bonuses to it.