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Are you on the same track to boost pay as these companies?

Nearly 75% of U.S. companies expected to reach or exceed their performance goals by the end of 2010. As a result, payroll projections stabilized heading into the New Year, according to recent studies.

Gas price outlook not good for your commuters

Looks like employees’ take-home pay isn’t going to go as far this winter – literally.

6 budget-saving ways to say ‘thanks’

If yours is one of the many companies that have cut employee “extras” in the past few months to keep budgets under control, here are six things you may want to consider providing instead:

HR tech: What’s changing in this economy?

One item that doesn’t seem to be taking as big a hit as other areas:

Wellness for cheapies, er, uh, the thrifty

Forget the onsite gyms, the personal trainers and the Pilates instructors. Small companies, with small budgets, can use five simple approaches to promote wellness today.