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Looking to hire in 2017? Prepare for a fight

Get ready: It looks like the competition for talent in 2017 will be pretty fierce. 

The 10 oddest things HR managers have caught employees doing

A survey was just conducted to find out what’s stifling employee productivity, and HR managers revealed some disturbing things about their workers. 

Did it just get harder to trust resumes online?

Will this discovery make you more skittish about reading digital resumes?

The 17 worst terms HR can find on resumes

There are 17 terms that HR pros and hiring managers have identified as major turn-offs on resumes.

10 unforgettable lies HR has discovered on resumes

More than half of HR pros (51%) said they’d automatically dismiss a candidate if they found a lie on a person’s resume. So it’s likely these applicants are still job hunting.

12 terrible excuses employees actually used for being late

Oh, yes. The survey gods have smiled down upon us once again.

The 17 most irritating buzzwords in today’s resumes

OK, it’s a huge part of the job. But even the most dedicated HR pro will admit that going through stacks of candidate resumes can turn your brain to jelly. 

Will employee salaries ever be a bigger bargain than they are today?

Not too hard to figure that today’s employment climate is a buyers’ market. New research shows just how desperate applicants have gotten.  

‘Sorry I’m late — I was attacked by a bear on the way in’

Got to hand it to CareerBuilder — its regular surveys are a great morale booster for harried HR pros. This edition: Employees’ excuses for being late to work. Check it out and be happy these folks don’t work for you.

Hey — who’s that guy with the tie?

How many of your rank-and-file employees have actually met your CEO?