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What? She claims trip to Sin City was covered under FMLA

An employee goes to Las Vegas with her dying mom for an end-of-life trip. One problem: The company says the trip doesn’t qualify as FMLA leave, and the staffer sues. Who wins? Read the dramatized version of this real-life case and see if you can determine the outcome.

EEOC issues guidance on hiring caregivers

One the hottest trends in employment law: cracking down on discrimination against job-seekers with caregiving responsibilities. Here’s some advice from the EEOC on how to stay safe.

Mother of 3 denied promotion because she 'had a lot on her plate'

When candidates ask why they were turned down for a job or a promotion, it’s common for the manager to come up with an explanation that makes the news easier to handle. But this recent case shows why that’s a bad idea: