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Inflexible leave policies cost company $1.75M

A healthcare company found out that the cost of complying with federal disability accommodation and discrimination laws is likely lower than what they’ll end up paying for violating them. 

Company out $5.1M after forcing employees to ‘harness happiness’

Any employer would love to have workers who are emotionally aware and good at solving problems, but one company went about teaching these skills the wrong way.

Is sexual orientation discrimination illegal? New court ruling on divisive issue

Whether or not sexual orientation discrimination is prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has been hotly debated by several courts in recent months.

Is sexual orientation discrimination prohibited by Civil Rights Act? Supreme Court says …

Several courts have been dealing with sexual orientation discrimination cases differently, and many were looking to the Supreme Court for a definitive answer.

New sex discrimination ruling: 4 things employers need to know

A U.S. appeals court in Atlanta made a lot of waves in the employment law community this week by ruling that sexual orientation is not a protected characteristic under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But there are some interesting wrinkles to the case that employers need to know about. 

EEOC: Yes, you have to protect employees from this too

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) accused this employer of making a big mistake, and the employer is now paying $250,000 for it. 

Pre-hire assessments have Target Corp. on the hook for $2.8M

The EEOC has found some of Target Corporation’s pre-hire assessments wanting. 

EEOC reinterprets the rules: Discrimination against homosexuals now illegal

Despite no laws being on the books that specifically ban employers from discriminating against gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) individuals, the EEOC has said such bias is now illegal. On what grounds? 

Feds make it official: Gender identity is covered under anti-bias laws

Congress may have dragged its feet on establishing anti-discrimination rules involving gender identity issues, but the Obama administration has issued its own guidance.  

Feds’ latest GINA recordkeeping proposal

If a GINA complaint is filed against your company, a new rule (if passed) would require you to maintain all relevant employment and personnel records until the charge is resolved.