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Stage set for landmark equal pay lawsuit: What’s at stake in Google’s HR nightmare?

After the PR nightmare it suffered following a male staffer’s memo on “gender stereotypes,” Google is now facing an even bigger headache — a pay-discrimination claim that could become a class-action suit with thousands of class members.

Workers win OT case against Tyson, but who’ll get paid is an open question

The Supreme Court has broadened the way employees can file class action suits to settle wage-and-hour disputes.  

Why the Supreme Court’s class-action ruling matters to you

It’s probably unlikely your company would ever face the prospect of more than a million employees suing you for discrimination. So why should you care about the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Wal-Mart class action bias case?

HR’s 12 worst worries for 2011 – and how to cope

What are the critical pain points HR pros should be addressing over the next year? Here’s a checklist.

A lawsuit HR, Benefits pros need to watch

Can a class-action lawsuit contain as many as 1.5 million employees? That’s a question the Supreme Court will soon answer.