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Trust is the key to great company culture: 4 ways to build it

Every employer wants to have a strong company culture where workers feel happy and comfortable and are ready to work each day.

Compliance expert: Anti-sexual harassment training needs to start with this …

Leader accountability is the key to more effective anti-sexual harassment training, says Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames. 

When do workplace incentives become disincentives?

Does your incentive program bolster company culture or diminish it?  Guest poster Catherine Spence explores how companies can design incentives that strengthen engagement and reinforce organizational values.  

A 7-step plan for improving your company’s workplace culture

Workplace culture can be similar to the weather — everybody talks about it, but who actually does anything to change it? Guest poster Sandeep Kumar offers seven steps employers can take to improve their day-to-day working environments.  

10 ways to make employees happier in 2015

As we start a new year, employers are trying to come up with new ways to reinvigorate employees, and build and foster a more dynamic company culture. Let Derek Irvine, an experienced employee recognition consultant and co-author of The Power of Thanks, help. 

Incentive ideas: Shorter Fridays lift productivity

Nowadays most companies need to squeeze out every possible productive hour from their employees.

Giving until it hurts

From Girl Scout cookie drives to workplace birthday clubs, non-work fundraisers have become a part of many company cultures. Should management be concerned?