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Department of Justice releases HR-specific antitrust guidance

You may want to take a few minutes and read the new guidance the Department of Justice (DOJ) released specifically for HR professionals. At 11 pages, it’s pretty concise for a government document. 

Where Trump’s DOL pick stands on 3 major issues: ACA, OT, wages

Here’s where Andrew Puzder, Donald Trump’s pick to be the next secretary of the Department of Labor (DOL), stands on business regulation: He’s not a fan. 

Don’t use this company’s approach to cutting OT costs

With the DOL looking to make another four million employees OT-eligible this December, many employers will be looking for ways to limit their OT exposure. Just don’t try the method this company used. 

Under new OT rule, this payment method could save you a bundle

There’s one lesser-known tactic out there that some employers are considering to reduce overtime costs under the DOL’s changes to the FLSA overtime exemption rules. 

One surprising upside to DOL’s overtime rule change

The DOL’s change to the FLSA’s white collar overtime exemptions aren’t all doom and gloom for employers. There’s at least one silver lining. 

Overtime ruling may make employers reconsider this pay option

If you have a compensation and benefits plan that’s set up similar to the one that just came under fire in this FLSA lawsuit, it’s likely time for some alterations. 

EEOC updates pay reporting proposed rule: What’s new?

This past winter, the EEOC issued a proposed rule what would change the EEO-1 reporting requirements of employers. Now, after having listened to public comments on that proposal, the agency has issued an update. Here’s what you need to know. 

3 keys to defeating unfair pay claims

This employer’s courtroom victory provides a blueprint for how to defeat workers’ claims that they weren’t paid for all of the time they worked. 

An innovative approach that leads to long-term retention

To stand out from the competition and attract and retain top talent for the long-term, some employers rely on some very creative compensation tactics.  

It can happen to anyone: Biz owner gets jail time for wage violations

Most wage-and-hour violators are met with fines and damage penalties. But it’s also possible to go to jail for them. Is there anything scarier than that?