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IRS issues strong warnings about ACA compliance: Should HR be worried?

Despite lots of warnings, the IRS has yet to impose any non-compliance penalties on employers during the two years the ACA reporting provisions have been mandatory. And with all of the efforts to kill or water down Obamacare, many employers are wondering if they should even make ACA compliance a priority at all.

How your minor health incentives can leave you wide open to major legal trouble

Chances are your company offers employees some type of health-improvement program.  

Study: HR pros stressed about changing regs, but not where you’d think

While employers are keeping a close eye on ACA-repeal efforts and other changes under the new administration, they’re most concerned about what’s happening in their own backyards.

Sneaky pitfalls that can turn your FSA plan into a compliance nightmare

What happens when a seemingly harmless change to your company’s easy-to-administer FSA plan — a plan that had met the ACA’s “excepted benefits” requirements — suddenly winds up becoming subject to a series of onerous regs?

EEOC issues 2017 enforcement plan: 6 areas it’s targeting next

The EEOC just issued its second-ever Strategic Enforcement Plan. This is a big deal. Here’s why. 

Top 15 rules for keeping your benefits plans compliant

Being a benefit plan fiduciary is a tricky role to play nowadays. Here’s some guidance you may want to share with your C-level folks.  

Should you wait until after election to change your health plan?

First, employers said they were going to wait for the Supreme Court’s ruling on the healthcare reform law before taking steps to comply with its provisions. Now it appears many still think there’s a chance they won’t have to do anything.

64.3% of HR pros not ‘fully confident’ they comply with regs

A small survey of HR professionals has revealed some disturbing things.

NLRB puts off deadline for notice requirement

The National Labor Relations Board has pushed back the deadline for compliance with its controversial requirement that employers post a notice explaining workers’ rights to form unions.

You might take this study with a grain of salt

How confident are you that you’ll be able to keep up with increasing HR compliance burdens over the coming months and years? A recent study indicates that a lot of HR pros are apprehensive about what the future might bring.